Goals are great. Everyone should have one. Something to focus on that helps provide motivation, direction and purpose. You’ve heard that before haven’t you. You’ve probably heard of the the S.M.A.R.T. system of setting goals too. In this series we’ll introduce you to a new age goal setting system that doesn’t only fuel your goal setting journey with just a S.M.A.R.T goal, but also a roadmap of the work that needs to be done in order to accomplish that goal.

Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals has become a huge hit in the past few years and for some it’s great. They connect to the ideas and foundation of creating goals that way and accomplish exactly what they were trying to.  (For those that have never heard of it before, it stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound.)

Smarty Pants

SMART-y Pants Goals

Once a goal is set, obviously there’s work to be done and action needs to be taken for the goal to have any chance of being accomplished. When setting a performance or fitness specific goal, there’s no difference. The early bird gets the worm…well if the bird doesn’t wake up there’s no chance of it ever happening.

There are people out there who formulate their own plans of action really well. They want to accomplish a goal and know exactly what steps they need to take to make it happen. And if they don’t know the steps, they will figure them out.

But we know not everyone’s like that and for the people that operate better if they have a road map and plan that they can follow rather then having to try and formulate it the S.M.A.R.T. system can come up just a little bit S-H-O-R-T.

Either way, the plan of action is the thing that gives the S.M.A.R.T. goal a chance. It is the long stairway we climb to get to the door we want to pass through. Once we do all the work of climbing, all we have to do is turn the handle and walk through the door. But without the steps there’s no chance of getting to the door.

Get Steppin'

It might take some work to get there, but once you get to the door, all you have to do is  walk through it.

This is where the Volume Goal system can be added to the S.M.A.R.T. goal system to give some guidance and direction. Volume goals don’t have to be only about fitness and performance, but for our example, we’ll stick to what we know and make it about fitness!

Let’s use an example. An athlete named “Matt” wants to be able to do 10 perfect push-ups. He can already do 5 but he tops out there. His S.M.A.R.T. goal is to complete 10 perfect push-ups by October 1. Sounds good. A solid goal that is attainable if he puts in the work. But if he’s not sure what to do to make it happen that’s what will be missing from the system…the work!

He could follow a special push up plan or something that he could find on the Internet to plan to do push ups 3x/week with varying rep schemes etc. Instead, he can use an easy system to create a Volume Goal and have his own actionable road map to success.

Check out part 2 of New Age Goal Setting tomorrow and learn what a Volume Goal is and how to create one.

Tuesday 090214

How do you see the clock? Friend or foe?

How do you see the clock? Friend or foe?

Ladies Night!
Friday Night is Ladies Night!
Ladies come work out at 6 PM, meet the other women of CFCL, enjoy some wine, cheese, dare we say chocolate and games!

Bro Sesh!
Fellas, Sunday at 11:30 AM, come and work out together, hang out with the other CFCL Bro’s then chow down on some grilled goodness and watch the Pats open the ’14-’15 season!

For Time

Pull Ups

Rx: Thrusters 95/65
L2: 65/45, 12/9/6 Pull Ups
L1: 45/35, Jumping Pull Ups

Compare to 082313

Coaches Note: This is it for the day. If you’ve done this workout before, come in excited to set a PR. Give it everything you have. If you’ve never done this workout before, you’ll be joining the hundreds of thousands who have in the CrossFit Community. Welcome! 

Dynamic Warm Up
+ 2 Rounds 8 Scap Push Ups + 3-4 Regular Push Ups + 10 Band Pull Aparts + 8 Wall Slides

Bench Press

% based off of 3 Rep last week
5 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
1 @ 85%
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
1 @ 90%
8 @ 65-70%

Barbell Row

Push Pull Superset
3 Rounds

A) 10 Dumbbell Shoulder Press
B) 10 Dumbbell Rows
*Weights for Press should be different from row…rows much heavier

Assault Bike
3 x 1 Mile
Rest 5 Minutes between each mile.
Max Effort. Period.

Monday 090114


Lunges on lunges on lunges.

Lunges on lunges on lunges.

Labor Day Class

8:30 AM
9:30 AM
10:30 Open Gym

Badge of Honor”

7 Power Snatches
7 Burpees over the Bar

Rest 1 Minute
3 Total Rounds

ADV: Power Snatch 115/80
Rx: 95/65
L2: 65/45
L1: Hang Power Snatch 45/35

Compare to 012214

After Party
In 2 Minutes how many Toes to Bar or V-Ups Can you do?

Dynamic Warm Up

Hang Power Snatch
Every 90 Sec for 8 Sets
3 Hang Power Snatches @ 85-90% of 3 Rep from 2 weeks ago

Back Squat
* You know who you are 10-8-6-4

Bulgarian Split Squats
12-10-8 – Ascending – Heavier then last week

EMOTM for 15
1) 15 Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swings
2) 5-10 Strict Toes to Bar
3) :45 second Handstand Walk

Sunday 083114

Marty and Carl buddies with the band.

Marty and Carl set the pace. 

Sunday Stunner
4 Rounds

30 Second Battle Rops
30 Second off
30 Seconds Double Unders
30 Seconds off
30 Seconds Push ups
30 Seconds off
30 Seconds Jumping Lunges

Rx: As Is
L2/L1: Single Unders, Assisted Push Ups

Rest Day.
Prepare for the up coming week.